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FREE Greyscale WB Stallion by EscyKane FREE Greyscale WB Stallion by EscyKane
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Download the PNG-files for easy use!
Contains a .png Lineart for the body and one for mane and tail as well as a .png Greyscale for the body and one for mane and tail.
This LineArt is free to use EXCEPT for commercial Artwork or for HArpg (because I used it for my own HArpg Stable)!!!
Adoptable designs are allowed, but NOT for point adoptables.
You can use this for SIM Game designs as well, as long you don't sell them for real money.
Feel free to leave a link to your finished artwork in the comments ;-)

Instructions to use: Click on "download", unzip the downloaded file (with a programm like WinZip or WinRar). Open the .png files in Photoshop or GIMP and place them on each other. ManeTail-layers go on top of the body layers.

You may erase the inner Lines with opacity of 50% to make them appear less dark (recommended for light coat colors). I did this with the Ferrovia/Catharsis Linearts. It makes the Greyscale shine through.

Coloring Tipps/Tutorial will follow (containing different coloring styles, white markings, roaning etc.)
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Submitted on
August 13, 2011
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